Hey, I’m Justine, a 20-something Miami dweller. I’ve been living here for about ten years and for some reason I’m still the lightest shade in nearly every foundation ever. I’m completely obsessed with all things beauty, fashion and travel. I spend way too much time watching other people’s youtube videos and eating pizza. I like to blog about anything from a personal lifestyle post to a review of the newest beauty launch. I also love to travel, (then again, who doesn’t?) and spending time with my family. I’m a college student balling on a budget, meaning there’s not nearly as much luxury on  here as I would like, but I hope one day I’ll reach that goal. I’ve  been blogging for three years now, and it has grown with me. I’m studying history and religion studies at the Florida International University and as random as it sounds, it’s done nothing but help my writing skills. That’s a little bit about me! If you have any questions or are curious about anything, I’m pretty much an open book so you can ask whatever questions you have in the comment section down below. 

As a reader on my blog, I hope you feel like you know me and I hope you leave here having learned something new or maybe discovered a new product. If you just came here to browse then I hope you enjoyed that!

 I post on here  Wednesdays and Sundays sometimes with an extra Saturday pose, depending on how inspired I’ve feeling and I post videos on my youtube channel on Mondays and Fridays. I post on Instagram daily and tweet way more than I should. I pin inspiration as much as I drink water and I barely ever post on snapchat but it’s goofy_goubert if you want to follow there anyway.