| B Y R E D O |

As far as instagrammable brands go, this was probably one of the top brands last year. Byredo has the dos beautiful packaging, not to mention their products themselves smell so good. The price tag is my least favorite part of the brand, and it’s the only reason why I don’t have 6 of their perfumes. But I got some Nordstrom gift cards so i splurged on the body wash and the hand cream in the scent blanche.

I had stopped by a Byredo counter in France, and I remember being in love with most of the scents and not buying anything! So when I got these gift cards I immediately went to the Byredo section and ordered these two. I got the scent Blanche, which is a super fresh clean scent, and the notes are aldehyde, pink pepper, white rose, neroli, peony, violet, blonde woods, musk, and sandalwood. It has quite a variety of notes and those bring so much depth to the fragrance.

I really hope 2018 is the year I finally splurge on one of these fragrances (fingers crossed more then once!) Do you guys have any Byredo products? What’s your favorite fragrance by them or in general?


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