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Most makeup palettes nowadays are massive, with at least 9 shades going up to like 30, which can be extremely overwhelming. I remember watching my mom and my grandma use their Dior and Chanel eyeshadow quads and the beauty industry has moved so far away from that, especially the more affordable brands. I was in Nordstrom recently, and got so excited when I saw this palette (no idea why, just loved it). so obviously it came home with me.


When I started playing with it, I realized there’s a crazy amount of different looks you can create with it. So today’s post is all about 3 different looks you can create pretty easily with these four shadows. It comes with four shimmer shadows and one matte pinky red shade. The shades are super pigmented and very blendable.

L O O K . 1 .

This is the simplest by far, it’s for those no makeup makeup days, the top right shade is kind of like a glitter topper that you would and on top of a shadow on your lid on no makeup makeup days it just makes you look like you tried without actually having to try. you can also put it on your inner corner to brighten that up and it makes your eyes look more open and awake. 

L O O K . 2 . 

Again, a pretty simple look, I used two shadows to create this one. Essentially, you’re gonna wanna dip your brush into the pink matte shade and put that in your crease and just blend it. Once that’s blended, add the top right shadow to a flat eye brush and apply that all over your lid. If you’d rather add a bit more pigment or color, you can use the top left eyeshadow which has more of a pinky tone to it. 


L O O K . 3 . 

This is the last look, and definitely the most dramatic. I used all the shadows except for the shimmery red shadow on the bottom left. First you’re gonna use the top left shadow in your crease and blend. Once that’s blended in, get some of the pink matte shadow and blend that into the crease on top of it. Then add the top right shade all over the lid. Once that’s done, grab some of the dark purple and add it into the outer v of your crease and blend but keep the majority of the product on that outer v where you located the product. The purple adds more drama and makes it more of an evening/ date night look. 


Obviously, there are 1,001 more looks you can create with these five little shadows. I just wanted to let you guys a bit of inspiration and remind you that a massive eyeshadow palette is not always necessary and if you’re a beginner I feel like you’d probably have more fun experimenting with this kind of palette. I actually have another Dior palette I would love to get my hands on, I’ll leave it linked here and if you guys want a similar kind of post as this one or even do a youtube version of it if you guys would wanna see that. Let me know! 




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