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So l’Oreal created this collaboration with Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain (absolute marketing and creative genius by the way) a while ago and it released in Europe months ago. I hadn’t heard much about it recently and no one was really talking about when it was going to be released in the states so when I saw that Ulta had it on their website and was carrying the collection in some stores I automatically ran over there. I was planning on buying the majority of the collection, but once I got there  the other colors didn’t appeal to me as much and I didn’t want to buy a product that I know I won’t get any use out of after a post. So the ones I got are Urban Safari, Confidence, Fever and Domination. 












At 13.99$, they are on the higher end of the drugstore price range, but the quality and pigment is absolutely insane, they go on so smooth and the actual colors are rich. The two nudes are my favorite (what a surprise!), but the orange is gorgeous and the deep red is perfect for evening or date night looks. Although let’s be honest I’ll still wear the nude. You can see one of them in action in this video. 


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