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So, last year Physician’s Formula released their butter formula, with two bronzers and four blushes in the collection. And while I heard everyone rave about the bronzers, I didn’t hear much about these blushes, so here is my opinion on them! 









I’ll start with the packaging which, to be honest, is definitely my least favorite part of the entire thing. It’s bulky, and there’s a compartment below the actual powder with a little brush in it (one that I will never use), and I feel like that’s a waste of packaging and space. The colors aren’t my favorite either, the green and pink are very in your face, and I think more understated packaging would have been much nicer. 

HOWEVER, the actual product is beautiful. The powders are pigmented but not overly to where you look like a clown, and they apply beautifully. The three shades I have are plum rose, vintage rouge and natural glow. Natural glow is more of a blush topper or highlight, it’s much more like a highlighter and offs the most beautiful pinky glow. 

They’re definitely my favorite drugstore blushes on the market, and you definitely need to give them a try if you haven’t. 



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